We’re taking the theme here in a slightly more abstract manner. While we can physically step outdoors, how often to do step outside of our own comfort zones? And, what could possibly depict stepping outside our comfort zones more than a retreat..to the future?  I caught up with CEO of Sunday Assembly, Sanderson Jones, to talk about their two day retreat exploring personal growth mixed with karaoke, dancing and movement.


What is Sunday Assembly all about?

We’re a worldwide community movement, trying to reinvent the congregational community in an inclusive, evidence based, and most of all, really fun way. We have 70 chapters worldwide with around 4000 – 6000 participants a month. We want to help everyone live life as fully as possible.


What is Retreat to the Future?

In order to help people live life as fully as possible, we have decided to create a two day personal growth weekend. We’re going to get people out of their homes, outside of their comfort zones, and in touch with each other.

Retreat to the Future is a structured personal development course, combined with singing, dancing and movement, so that way people’s whole bodies and whole selves can get involved.

No matter what you do, no matter what stage you are in life, everyone has something that they want to do next, and this weekend is here to help them get there faster. It’s a weekend of understanding yourself so that you can be sure that the next step you take is the step you need to take.

This is about becoming the best version of you, in a festival atmosphere.

How will you be pushing people outside of their comfort zones?

Whenever we start looking inwards, we may find some things that are easier to push under the carpet in day-to-day life. But when you share them with other people, while it can seem difficult at first, it’s incredibly healing in the end.

We’re going to make this journey fun and entertaining. You’ll be enveloped  in an atmosphere of change. Sometimes when you’re feeling different in your body you’re able to see your life differently.

And –  we’ll be pushing people’s comfort zones depending on their level of comfort with karaoke and singing. But don’t worry, by the end of the weekend, you’ll love it!

And we want you there! Come along, we promise you a weekend of self-discovery, of new relationships and lots and lots of singing. 


Sunday Assembly have done a brilliant job of identifying the people within their movement. They have created a strong core, which has enabled them to ripple across the world. Retreat to the Future is a perfect example of Sunday Assembly identifying the shared experiences of its movement members  – everyone is looking to go down a journey of self-improvement, and gathering people around this deep shared value will create a powerful community. To read more about this, take a look at your movement building canvas and start mapping out your own movement journey here. 



Retreat to the Future is in October in London and Manchester.

You can book your tickets for London (October) here

You can book your tickets for Manchester here

You can book your tickets for London (March) here

Keep checking the site as more dates and cities will be added soon!