“What do you do?”

Before, I had an answer for this question. I was an Analyst at a bank.

Quite often, that answer would prompt a sudden and rather positive response. I suppose my conversation partner was assuming certain things about me…

+ Squillionaire
+ Plenty of free time
+ Definitely was present at her own 22nd birthday dinner

(All of the above are false.)
I’ve just started with the lovely team at The Social Change Agency – that means I don’t have a formal title just yet. (Esther, do I get a business card?) I was thinking of…

+ All-Rounder Helper Person
+ Excel Extraordinaire
+ Responsible Adult.

(All of the above are terrible.)

Someone then suggested “protern”. I wouldn’t mind that on a business card. (Esther, do I get a business card?) To me, it describes someone with working experience, reapplying her skills in another environment. Someone who is a bit too experienced to be an “intern”, but is entering a new field with a lot to learn!

Internships are so 2013.