We’re delighted to see the release of ACEVO’s essential report ‘Speaking Frankly, Acting Boldly.’ This piece of campaigning literature has got it spot on; it clearly defines the necessity of charity campaigning and places it within the context of today’s political climate. This is the first piece of many that will help reclaim the charity sector as the frank andbold upholder of people’s rights that it is.


Vicky Browning, CEO of ACEVO plainly states her intention to speak loudly and proudly about the charity sector’s right to campaign in her introduction to the report: “ I can assure you that I have no intention of sticking to my knitting and that my focus will remain on ensuring that charity leaders continue to have the right to speak frankly and act boldly”

This is a report championing charities’ right to speak boldly, rather than stifling them through legislation and conditions of funding. It’s campaigners campaigning for campaigning. It’s a much needed positioning piece that clearly asserts ACEVO’s standpoint, and calls others to join them.

I’m with them, are you?