The Social Change Agency is working with The Peel, a community organisation in Clerkenwell, to tackle social isolation in the area. Our vision is a neighborhood where everyone feels that they belong, where there is connection between people regardless of class, and it’s many assets are celebrated and available to everyone in the neighbourhood.

We are looking to support social innovators that have creative solutions to tackling social isolation to bring their venture to the Clerkenwell community.

If you are working on an initiative or social enterprise that tackles social isolation, and you want to grow your impact, we want to hear from you!

Clerkenwell is packed with creative, committed people, businesses, schools, shops and lots more. You will be provided with support from our team, ready made networks, access to the rich variety of community assets in the area, and evaluation and monitoring worth £3k.

If you would like partner with us to bring the Clerkenwell community together please contact or call Sara Bloch on 07949154297.