Stop Funding Hate is an organisation that campaigns advertisers to pull their advertising from papers that encourage hate, specifically The Sun and The Daily Mail and The Daily Express.

In just one year, Stop Funding Hate have lobbied some of the biggest advertisers and have had some incredible wins, with Lego and the Body Shop ceasing to advertise in the Daily Mail. In February 2017, after realising that this campaign was becoming far too big to do in their spare time, Stop Funding Hate launched a crowdfunding campaign to get the organisation off the ground. In one month they raised an astounding £102,721

I caught up with Rosey Ellum, one of the founding members of Stop Funding Hate, to discuss the secrets to the success of Stop Funding Hate’s crowdfunding campaign.

Capture people’s imaginations

RE: “After 6 months of doing Stop Funding Hate in our spare time, we realised that if we were going to take the campaign to the next level we would need to formalise as an organisation and give ourselves more time to work on it. People were already contacting us, offering their support and donations, so we wanted to give them a way to do that. The campaign had already captured people’s imaginations. After Lego and the Body Shop pulled their advertising from the Daily Mail, people could see the potential and wanted to help the campaign continue.”

SCA: Stop Funding Hate have created a movement around their campaign. Their identity was solid and simple: don’t support hate. Because people already felt a sense of belonging to this campaign –coupled with the fact that Stop Funding Hate already had a couple of wins under their belt – giving money to get this organisation felt like sharing in this movement. It’s crucial when forming a movement or a crowdfunding campaign that you establish the shared values, purpose and experiences that would motivate people to identify with your movement. To read more about this, you can check out our movement building canvas.

Be honest, open and transparent

RE: “We keep our crowdfunding donors updated on everything that happens with the campaign. Those who donated were the founding supporters, and that’s exactly what they are. Without them, the campaign wouldn’t have had any impact. If there is an action we’d like to launch, we’ll contact our founding supporters first to let them know. If their money has gone somewhere, we’ll contact them to let them know how their money has been spent. From the outset we were honest about what we needed the money for, and we continually engage our crowdfunding donors with updates and other ways to get involved in the campaign.”

SCA: One of the reasons why crowdfunding is so powerful is because it demands honesty and accountability. When the average person gives you money out of their own pocket, it’s your responsibility to show how that money has been spent. By continually and meaningfully engaging with your donors, you will retain their ongoing support and firmly build out your movement.  

Video is powerful

RE: “Videos are an incredible tool that allow you to capture people’s imaginations. Throughout our crowdfunding campaign we launched two videos, one at the beginning, and one in the middle. The first one raised helped to raise about £8,000 and the second one raised over £20,000. Video is an easily shareable tool across social media, it allows you to succinctly tell people about what you’re doing, and it raises excitement.”

SCA: Once you have identified who you think your donors will be, it’s time to think about what tools will attract them. For Stop Funding Hate, and for many other successful crowdfunding campaigns, the use of video has allowed them to reach out to thousands of people. The shareable nature of video content means that there is (almost) limitless potential to your reach. Stop Funding Hate also identified the stages within their crowdfunding campaign journey in which people may need a little boost. They identified these stages as right at the beginning, to raise anticipation, and then again in the middle, and then finally another small boost at the end. For Stop Funding Hate, video was enough of a boost to bring in over £100,000 – a strong return on investment!  

We’re really impressed by the campaign ran by Stop Funding Hate, and we’re really excited to share their top crowdfunding tips with you. To learn more about what Stop Funding Hate do, and to campaign with them, visit their website at

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