Losing Control Safari to Eden Project

We’re very excited to announce the first Losing Control Safari to Eden Project.

What is a Losing Control Safari you ask? Well safaris are overnight visits to organisations, movements, or networks that are really getting to grips with what Losing Control means for them and for participants to get out of their natural headspace. Similar to a living case study, a safari is hosted around an issue or “help me” challenge that the host(s) are grappling with. For hosts, this is a chance to work with the collective mind power of participants in the room to help move a problem on or explore an issue in greater depth through honest conversations. For participants, this is a chance to get under the skin and learn, ‘warts and all’, from supporting the host as well as gain practical insights from interactive sessions during the safari.  Safaris may include a guided tours, meeting key stakeholders, interactive sessions, discussions over meals, and more!

When: TBC

Where: Eden Project, Bodelva, Par PL24 2SG

What: Hosted by Eden Project, Losing Control networkers will get a chance over the three days to get behind the scene of Eden Project to learn what Losing Control means to them. This safari is based around the “Help Me” challenge How do you lose control of a network? where participants will support Eden Project come to grips with this challenge as well as gain practical insights from the interactive sessions around the theme of networks. Come along and get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of Eden Project, learn more about Eden Project Communities, The Big Lunch, what makes a network and more…

If you are interested in joining us, please register your interest by emailing karen@thesocialchangeagency.org

Brief Schedule:

Day 1 

3 pm: Arrival

Eden Project Tour: An exclusive behind the scenes tour! Discover how Eden came to be, and the various steps (and missteps) which shaped our journey

Dinner & catch-up

Day 2 


Morning: Sessions around the theme of Networks

  • Intro to Eden and The Big Lunch
  • Interactive session about creating a grassroots movement – what have we learned, what are the dynamics involved, how is losing control essential?
  • Intro to Eden Project Communities and the Network
  • Interactive session about what makes a network – the links between online (digital) and offline spaces, how far should identity be shaped by members?


Afternoon: Help Me session

How do you lose control of a network?

Working in and alongside a network of individuals and groups working to change their communities is inspiring, but it’s also tough. Though the network is not hierarchical, it has an unclear power relationship with Eden Project Communities, a more traditional organisation, and power is often implicitly distributed unequally. We want to work towards a ‘losing control’ in our network that allows action and reflection to flourish.

Dinner at a nearby pub and further discussion

Day 3 


Reflection session & round up

3 pm departure