Pitch Perfect | Round 6

10 Mar 2022 18:00 Online

Event details

  • The Social Change Nest
  • Online
  • March 10
  • 18:00 - 19:00
  • Free

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What would your group do with £150, no strings attached?

Happy New Year All and welcome to the first Pitch Perfect of 2022! Come along for a chance to meet new faces, have a laugh and maybe even win £150 for your community!

Who can pitch?

The Pitch Perfect event is open to everyone, but only groups using Accountable are eligible to pitch.

How it works?

IF YOU WANT TO PITCH, this is what we’ll do:

Email us at hello@thesocialchangenest.org with your group’s name and a link to your page on Open Collective.

First come first serve! The first 4 groups to put themselves forward will be pitching!
On the night we hear the 4 pitches. Each group has 4 minutes to pitch + 2 audience questions

Everyone will be invited to vote for their favourite pitch (so bring your friends, your family, your dog, your local pub owner…)

All four pitches will receive some cash, based on the number of votes received 1st = £150, 2nd = £100, 3rd = £50, 4th=£15

What’s in a Pitch?

We want to hear: ‘What would your group do with £150?”
It would also be nice to hear who you are, what you do, what’s been your proudest achievement. Just remember you have 4 MINUTES

We don’t want slides, videos or images. You don’t need to prepare a huge presentation. We just want to hear what your collective does and why the cash would help. It’s a chilled out, informal event with a friendly audience.

What if my group doesn’t get picked?

If you’re not selected to pitch this time, don’t worry. This is a bi-monthly event so everyone should get a chance to pitch. It will also be a great opportunity to meet other accountable groups and find out more about the work they’re doing.

What can we spend the money on ?

There’s no rules about what you can spend the money on, it can be for equipment, to buy food parcels, to pay for subscription fees or even to make cash grants directly to your beneficiaries. It can be to do something totally new for your collective or just to carry on the work you’re already doing. You just need to convince the people in the room that your group will make the best use of the money.

Please check our FAQs for extra info