‘When people are close to one another there are fewer defences against new experiences. There is openness to learning. Intimacy and personal disclosure helps to create the conditions for innovation’.

Who are the #HeroesOfChange?

This week’s #HeroesOfchange are the community of Grapevine in Coventry. Grapevine worked with Coventry Council to create a public health movement in Coventry, particularly focusing on vulnerable people. The result was astounding.

‘In sharp contrast to the expensive, ‘top down’ mass marketing campaigns, emerged a grassroots movement around public heath rooted in the solid methodology of the systems thinkers behind it.

Meet Grapevine

Grapevine transformed public health into a movement by gathering people from different areas of the community and forming a collective. Their #CovMindtheGap was a space they created in which providers and service users could collaborate. Out of this spawned a multitude of co-created activities for people in the community.

The activities are as diverse as the people who participate. Participants enjoy low speed cycle rides, fun swimming classes and social events, all topped off with tea and cake.

Systems thinking is at the heart of this public health movement. Rather than the Council employing a ‘top-down’ approach to public health, Grapevine have enabled a network to form across the community. The problems are co-defined and solutions are co-created. Grapevine sees relationships as a key to the success of their movement and the point at which innovation sparks. This openness means that, regardless of whether Grapevine HQ continues to lead it, the movement will regenerate through shared values, experiences and networks.

What next?

The movement we’ve seen spawn in Coventry is revolutionising public health. Care is taken back into the community and we’ve seen the powerful results of this through Grapevine. There’s so much potential to use these frameworks and models to approach other movements, or to allow this movement to grow even more branches. We can’t wait to see what Grapevine do next!