We welcome the quiet revolutionaries and our next #HeroesOfChange: The Quaker movement.

The Quakers have a rich legacy in creating social change and being part of the wider peace movement (amongst others)

We’ve been lucky enough to work with the Quakers, helping their board to harness the power of their movement and we’re proud to feature them as our next #HeroesOfChange, the penultimate in this series.

Who are the Quakers

The Quakers, or Religious Society of Friends, began as a movement in the mid 17th century. From their inception they have challenged the status quo, searching for peace and social justice. Their faith rests in values of peace, equality, truth and integrity, simplicity and sustainability. Over the centuries they have been committed to relief work, social activism and ultimately, peace.

Meet the Quakers

The Quaker’s not only offered an alternative spiritual path, but they also offered practical support in times of difficulty. In 1947 they were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their post-war relief work, and their movement has been thriving since. Since 1997 the Quakers have had a strong presence in Geneva, extolling peace and humanitarianism,  and more recently in Britain the Quakers can be seen in their activism around same sex marriage and the divestment from fossil fuels. What’s really compelling about the Quakers as a movement is their demeanour: they know when to be quiet and when to riot.

The Quakers exemplify the coming together of a movement over centuries. They have pioneered change since their inception and withstood abuse in their fight for greater justice and democracy.

What’s next?

The  Quakers have also played their part in mobilising, energising and enabling their community around social justice and equality.  Along this journey, they have supported others to play their part in programmes, peer mentoring and more. They’re the quiet revolutionaries. Now they’ve got to answer the question: do they create movements or are they a movement in themselves? Or both? A tricky question but nothing they can’t face. Keep it up Quakers, you’ve got our support