This week we welcome our #HeroesOfChange, Undivided. In April we had the pleasure of working with Undivided as they attended our event Losing Control.  Here, we brought movement builders from across the sectors into one room to support and learn, ‘warts and all’ from each other.

Undivided have created one of the biggest youth movements we’ve seen and they’re inspiring a whole new generation of #HeroesOfChange.

Meet Undivided

The Undivided movement was created in the wake of the EU Referendum to fight for young people’s interests in Brexit negotiations. Since it was launched in October 2016, it has seen unparalleled success in its engagement of young people in Brexit. They have engaged over 10,000 young people through crowdsourcing their Brexit demands, and they have had over 250,000 votes by young people on their favourite demands.

What’s the role of Undivided HQ?

Undivided’s success as a movement is rooted in their ability to offer meaningful engagement to their movement makers.  Their use of multiple platforms and a network of 50 partners across the youth sector gave undivided the reach to engage so many young people.  These young people were then empowered to take ownership of the movement without too much imposition from the central body.  Letting go of control has allowed Undivided to create an authentic, grassroots-led movement and give a voice to thousands of young people.

What’s Next?

Now that Undivided has gathered a strong foundation of support in the youth sector, it is time for them to branch out and keep their momentum going.  Expanding their networks to other sectors and creating spin-off campaigns could help them to reach new audiences and grow an even bigger movement.  We look forward to seeing how Undivided will continue to push forward to create a sustainable movement for change.