HouseParty is back for 2017

We will be taking over the heart of the National Housing Federation conference with HouseParty’s little brother the HouseParty’s TeaParty.

The aim of HouseParty is to challenge, discuss and present the rising talent, organisations, ideas and innovation in UK housing and beyond.  It’s a free space to debate, explore, network, connect and innovate.  

In June 2015, we held another hugely successful HouseParty event. Over 300 attendees came and went through the doors over the two-day event. A lot has changed in the housing sector since our last event. The Housing and Planning Act has brought many new challenges, but we intend to ensure that the sector takes control of its own destiny!

Esther Foreman, CEO of The Social Change Agency and co-founder of House Party says:

“We’re really excited to be working HACT and the national housing to bring together the best in community projects and networks and the best in housing to support a leading housing innovation movement”

Andrew Van Doorn, Chief Exec of HACT and co-founder of House Party describes what to expect from the event:  

“The cupcakes are being prepped and the china is being dusted down ready for the best cup of tea at HouseParty’s TeaParty conference. We’re getting ready for a day’s programme exploring the best of innovation in housing and communities. We’re delighted to be working with The Social Change Agency again on what we think is the best event in housing”

This year’s HouseParty’s TeaParty will be looking at themes including:

Our Robot Selves

Using tech and digital to drive transformation in housing and communities

The Resurrection

People powered communities re-imagining and reclaiming dead space and bringing it back to life.

Dr Housing MD

Get on the path to better health and wellbeing with our own “Dr.” Housing MD.

Party time

 Tea, cupcakes, show and tell, treasure hunts, table top tennis, and lots, lots, more…

Check out the website for the exciting list of party guests ready to shake things up! 

For an idea of what we got up to in previous years Click here to see the 2015 HouseParty programme (PDF doc. 179KB)