This is the age of movements. From individualism to globalisation to digital innovation, we’re navigating a world in which it’s never been more possible to mobilise large numbers at scale – be that for good or for bad.

But what we have seen is the number of movements that have risen to the challenge, emerging in unexpected areas to strengthen our democracy and the values of authenticity, collaboration and dynamism.

We’re inspired by the endurance of these movements. Through times of change, they have resisted, adapted and responded. They open up their homes, their communities and their businesses, gathering people together for a wider purpose. These are our #heroesofchange.

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be highlighting new movements and their endurance. We’ll look at how they’ve evolved and adapted to changing circumstances. And, importantly, we’ll be celebrating these innovative movement buildersThere are hundreds of movements that deserve to be celebrated, and there are many that may not even be on our radar. If there’s a movement that you think should be featured in our #heroesofchange campaign, tweet us at @socialchangeag.