If we want to build social movements that are fit for change, where should the power lie? Does traditional thinking around institutional infrastructure need to be challenged? How do we build a culture and infrastructure that fits the age of social movements? Does there need to be an organisational shift in order to accommodate for genuine collaboration across an organisation’s networks?

These are the just some of the questions we’ll be exploring at Losing Control, a two day hack on 5th-6th April in Oxford, exploring the practical realities of building a social movement fit for change.

The Social Change Agency are hosting alongside Practical Governance who, between us, have supported over 100 social purpose organisations, networks and individuals to navigate the complex realities of creating social change.  Increasingly, we see them looking to create change through funding and building social movements. And we see them struggling to evolve traditional ways of thinking around institutional infrastructure to become fit to serve movement members.

The idea of shifting power may be a difficult prospect for many organisations because it’s a shift towards losing control, but it’s also a shift towards greater trust, collaboration, and change.

Losing Control logoSo, with support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Lankelly Chase and Power to Change, we’ll be creating a space to share experiences and ideas, peer to peer, warts and all. And once our movement of movement makers have absorbed and shared everything they can, the second day will enable them to plot practical next steps.

If you’d like to join the likes of Friends of the Earth, Suma Wholefoods and Impact Hub to address the complexities of what it means to Lose Control, visit the event site find out who’s coming and how to book your spot.

And if you can’t make it, don’t worry, you can sign up to get alerts on all the tips and tools that come out of the event.