Buying presents at this time of year can feel exhausting. What do you get for your friend/family member/partner that they will actually like and use? And importantly, how can you ensure that what you’re getting them is ethical? Fear no longer – there is one gift that you can get them all. A unisex, ethically sourced, vagina T-shirt/jumper. You can thank us later for solving all of your Christmas woes.

So what is an ethically sourced vagina T-shirt? I caught up with the founder of ‘This is a Vagina’, Jo Corall, about the tees that promise to start a vulvalution.

Image via @thisisavagina Instagram

SCA: What led you to create a t-shirt with a vagina on it?

JC: I realised that nobody really knew what a vulva looked like. I wanted to put as many vulvas out in the world as possible (as you can see by my instagram). I was doing a screen printing course creating a geometric vulva and it looked like a really strong logo which really linked with what I was doing. I kept wearing my t-shirt out and people were like “wow, I want one!” So I was like, let’s get more vulvas out there.



SCA: How is this t-shirt going to lead to a ‘vulvalution’?

JC: The more that people see something. The more they talk about it. The more conversations you can start. There’s shame, less embarrassed. People are so embarrassed to use vagina and vulva, but if you put the shame away. Vulvas are there every day and they should be talked about every day.

Also, half of the proceeds go to Bloody Good Period. Bloody Good Period are an organisation aimed at reducing the shame around periods. They’re creative and brilliant feminists trying to make women’s issues a day to day subject in the same way I am, so I want to help them out.


SCA: Why is this the perfect Christmas gift?

JC: Giving the gift of shame-free genitals is the best thing we can give each other this year – and every year! 

It’s also the perfect gift if you’re trying to shop ethically this Christmas. A huge part of my life is environmental justice. There’s only way I could do this, and that is ethically. I work with Rapanui which is a company that create organic t-shirts from 100% organic cotton. It’s all ethical and environmental, which is perfect! Because you wouldn’t want anything chemical on your vagina, so you wouldn’t put your vagina on anything chemical!

You can buy the T-shirt or jumper or canvas bad at you can follow This is a Vagina on www.instagramcom/thisisavagina.

Jo is also working towards to create art workshops for women and girls to start a conversation around vulvas – so watch this space!