The 45th President has certainly chosen an eventful week to arrive in the UK. If you want avoid the football sadness and volcano erupting at Westminster, we have made a list of protests happening in London on Friday that you can get involved with. What’s great about these protests is that so many different organisations are coming together to form larger movements with louder voices, and they promise to make Mr Trump’s first visit to the British Isles one to remember.

Trump Blimp

Now, we’ve all been hearing the idea of a ‘Baby Trump’ being floated around over the last couple of weeks, and we’re finally going to see it. This ingenious integration of public art and symbolism in protest was initiated by a small group of friends, and after raising over £20,000 they created a blimp-sized, nappy-wearing Trump Baby. The giant effigy will be flying above Parliament Square between 9:30 and 11:30 – don’t miss it!

There’s also going to be a second balloon that the group will take for a stroll during the protests. If you want to join them, they’ll be starting at 2pm from Portland Place in Marylebone.

Migrant Solidarity bloc at Together Against Trump

The Migrant Solidarity bloc is being organised by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI). They’re joining the Together Against Trump coalition leaving from Portland Place at 2pm. If you want to show your support for positive immigration policy, go and march with these guys.

Speaking to Minnie Rahman, JCWI’s Policy and Campaigns Officer, about the purpose of the movement, she said that “We have long been outraged by the treatment of migrants in the USA and here in the UK… That’s why we standing with migrants rights organisations to host a “migrant bloc” at Together Against Trump. We’re united in our resistance to reckless, inhumane and discriminatory policies, and to say that no one is illegal.”

Women’s March London #BringTheNoise

A lot of people have been disappointed with the new President’s attitude towards gender and race. This is why Women’s March London has organised an all-encompassing coalition of organisations campaigning for women’s, LGBT and race issues. To rally with this movement, you can find them at 11am outside the BBC on Portland Place. They also have a full schedule and route map available on their website.

Friends of the Earth

If your jam is climate-based, Friends of the Earth have created a handy protest pack for anyone that wants to get involved. There are free designs for badges, posters and placards which you customise and print off yourself. They’ll be in the climate bloc of the Together Against Trump group, starting at 2pm in Portland Place and moving to Trafalgar Square for a rally at 5pm.