On 20th September, The Social Change Agency team will join millions of people from over 150 countries across the world to strike in outrage at government and business inaction on climate change.  

This is likely one of the largest environmental actions in history and we are in awe at the movement’s momentum.  Millions of school children have mobilised when little over a year ago Swedish ninth-grader Greta Thunberg sat alone outside parliament with a hand-painted ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’ sign.  

But this is the time for action, not reflection. Greenhouse gas emissions are still rising and the largest historical emitter of carbon dioxide, the US, is in the process of leaving the Paris accord.  This strike must send a message to those attending the UN Climate Summit on Monday September 23rd that tougher commitments to targets and faster transitions to renewable energy are essential.

At The Social Change Agency we throw our support behind the action and the demands made.   This is reflected both in the work we do – specifically providing back-office support and movement building guidance to the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) and in the work we won’t do on Friday when we down laptops to strike. 

We hope to see you there.  If you can’t attend in person but want to show support perhaps consider donating to the cause.


For more from us on this topic have a read of our ‘Anatomy of the Climate Strike’ blog, which breaks down the campaigning components for success. Check out our interview with Rebekah, 15 year old climate striker on her experience of being part of this movement, or listen to Jake Woodier, Campaigns Officer for UKSCN discuss how to mitigate some of the difficulties a rapidly growing movement like his can face.