In light of changing fundraising regulations and the wake of the Kids Company scandal, fundraising and governance have never been so high in the public consciousness.  The donor landscape is changing, with a new generation set to give differently, and digitally.  And charities all over are faced with the twin challenges of embedding fundraising innovation and diligence in their DNA.

Developing and retaining these skills at a board level is crucial for survival and growth. How can a charity build a board that is equipped to deal with changing national policy and to lead from the future? And how can fundraisers themselves develop their skills to tackle the new reality as they grow in their careers?

A recent survey we conducted with the Institute of Fundraising, showed that over 90% of fundraisers believe that having a fundraiser on their board of trustees would be helpful in their day job, and yet over 80% of fundraisers surveyed said that fundraising skills and experience were underrepresented at  board level.

In 2009/10 there were 834,000 trustee board positions within voluntary organisations in the UK and research suggests that the number of trustees is likely to be substantially less at just under 580,000. Over one in seven (15%) registered charities reported that they had an insufficient number of trustees and management committee members in 2010.

There are around 200,000 fundraisers in the UK and our survey shows that being a trustee appeals to 78% of them, but 81% believe that fundraising skills are underrepresented on their Board, or Boards they’ve worked with.


So what’s going on with the supply and demand for fundraisers on Boards?

We are going to find out.

 Building on the success of GetWired, Peridot Partners and the Social Change Agency, along with the Institute of Fundraising and Hubbub, are going to bring the best of the fundraising world, alongside the boards that need them, to explore, celebrate and increase the amount of fantastic trustees with fundraising skills.

So on the 7th of June in London, we are hosting GetRaising! The first collaborative event on fundraising and governance.

We know that this is a crucial time to look at increasing fundraising skills on boards. We know from experience that the key to good fundraising governance, which goes beyond the management of risk to promote innovation and leadership, is to help fantastic fundraisers contribute at a board level.  We also know how crucial this is for career development. In short, we know that it will help everyone.

If you fancy an afternoon of future shocks, intimate fireside chats, and an open space discussion – email for more details (be warned, places are limited).

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, we will be publishing a series of blog posts from some of our speakers alongside our co-conspirators Hubbub and the Institute of Fundraising, about the event, the research, the problems and the solutions.   Watch this space #getraising!

See you there!

Simon and Esther

Simon Callaghan is the Director for for fundraising recruitment at Peridot Partners. He has delivered key roles for major charities including Directors of Fundraising for Mencap, Action for Children, Right to Play, Hft and Raleigh International as well as delivering a large retained assignment for OXFAM. He loves sport and real ale.

Esther Foreman is the CEO of The Social Change Agency,  and Trustee of the MS Society UK.  Having spent over 15 years of experience in the voluntary sector, including Shelter, Help the Aged and Mencap she set up the Social Change Agency in 2011 to build and enable people powered movements through consultancy, deep collaboration, crowdfunding, events and training.  She also loves innovation, technology and social change.

 GetRaising! Is a collaborative event between Peridot Partners, The Social Change Agency, The Institute of Fundraising and Hubbub. You can follow all updates around it using #getraising!