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The Social Change Agency and The House of St Barnabas are hosting Justice.Period an interactive panel discussion exploring the future of menstrual justice. In the lead up to the event, Ellie Goodchild from the House of St Barnabas writes about Justice.Period.  Justice.Period In 2017 the period means a million things. As I try to uncover some of its meanings I found myself asking my female friends and family – what do periods mean to you? The answers I received were as diverse and emotive as you might expect: I hear a tone of joy as my younger sister whispers...

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#Heroesofchange: ParkRun

How did ParkRun get thousands of us off the sofa and into our sneaks? Across the world, a movement of community running is erupting. From Singapore to the United States to our local parks, a global collective come together to run in their local green spaces. ParkRun has done what many governments have struggled to achieve: an inclusive, free and fun way to help communities create a movement across divides. This week ParkRunners are our #HeroesOfChange. Meet the Parkrunners The concept of parkrun is simple: turn up to your local park and run 5km. Every parkrunner has a unique...

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In the Age of Movements, which #HeroesOfChange are breaking new ground?

This is the age of movements. From individualism to globalisation to digital innovation, we’re navigating a world in which it’s never been more possible to mobilise large numbers at scale – be that for good or for bad. But what we have seen is the number of movements that have risen to the challenge, emerging in unexpected areas to strengthen our democracy and the values of authenticity, collaboration and dynamism. We’re inspired by the endurance of these movements. Through times of change, they have resisted, adapted and responded. They open up their homes, their communities and their businesses, gathering...

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Guest blogger: Dina Ariss, CHAYN

My top tips to running a volunteer based movement There is no shortage of people who want to make difference in the world, yet many ideas and movements have not been able to succeed due to their management culture. It is no easy feat to work in low-resource environments on difficult issues and lead a community of changemakers at the same time. While there is no one model that can guarantee success, the good news is that there are a lot of examples to learn from. You can tweak these models depending on your preference, vision and the nature...

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ACEVO Report – a bold and much needed piece

We’re delighted to see the release of ACEVO’s essential report ‘Speaking Frankly, Acting Boldly.’ This piece of campaigning literature has got it spot on; it clearly defines the necessity of charity campaigning and places it within the context of today’s political climate. This is the first piece of many that will help reclaim the charity sector as the frank andbold upholder of people’s rights that it is.   Vicky Browning, CEO of ACEVO plainly states her intention to speak loudly and proudly about the charity sector’s right to campaign in her introduction to the report: “ I can assure you that...

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We Lost Control

Increasingly we see organisations, networks and individuals struggle to navigate the complex realities of creating social change. Many are looking to create change through funding and building social movements, yet we see them struggling to evolve traditional ways of thinking around institutional infrastructure to become fit to serve movement members. Earlier this month The Social Change Agency co-hosted Losing Control with Practical Governance. It was a 2 day hackathon that brought together movement makers and specialists to create a peer-to-peer network. Interspersed with challenging discussions were breakouts of booming music (ranging from Frozen to Missy Elliot), chillout zones, and an...

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A movement masterclass with Undivided

The Undivided movement was created in the wake of the EU Referendum to fight for young people’s interests in Brexit negotiations. Since it was launched in October 2016, it has seen unparalleled success in its engagement of young people in Brexit. They have engaged over 10,000 young people through crowdsourcing their Brexit demands, and they have had over 250,000 votes by young people on their favourite demands. We had the pleasure of working with Undivided at our two day hackathon co-hosted with Practical Governance, Losing Control. I caught up with Charlotte Gerada, one of the founders Undivided, about what it...

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Launching: The Lost Voices Project

We all know that traditional digital campaigning methods aren’t working. Think back to Stella Creasy’s ‘do’s and don’t for political lobbying’, or Esther Foreman’s  ‘Shouting down the house’ report, or the more recent MoreOnion report on pushing the boundaries of MP actions. MPs have voiced their concerns, the digital campaigning sector is responding, but not quite enough. There needs to be a shift in the way that we view MP engagement, and it begins with listening to the voices of lived experience. The ‘write-to-your-MP’ tactic has clogged MPs’ inboxes, with your email alongside hundreds of thousands of others ending...

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