Author: Jinan

People Power: the legacy of movements

Today we did an office trip to the Imperial War Museum to take a look at the People Power: Fighting for Peace exhibition. The exhibition guided us through the development of anti-war movements over the decades from the First World War to the Iraq war – which was the first demonstration I attended at the ripe age of 8 years old. At every turn there were artefacts, writings, banners and art from those who bravely stood up against conscription, protested against nuclear armament, and risked their freedom for the sake of others’ freedom and lives. Although the movements were often decades apart, they bled into each other. From the suffragettes who split their movement according to who supported and who opposed the First World War, to the women’s peace camp at Greenham Common against nuclear weapons, there’s a sense of familiarity weaving through the movements. At one point in the exhibition there was a makeshift fence resembling the one that 30,000 women protested around at Greenham Common and we were encouraged to tie ribbon around the fence, like these women did decades ago. It was a very literal image of building on the legacy of this movement, and as my fingers laced the ribbon around the fence, I thought of the women’s movement today, how the women’s march of 2017 was built on a legacy of movements that came...

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Losing Control – that’s a wrap!

  Last week, Losing Control was in full pelt. Day 1 was devoted to the sharing of skills and experiences of funders and people from the front line. Our first panel welcomed funders from the Power to Change Trust, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Lankelly Chase Foundation. We asked our funders what challenges they faced in fundning social movements, and how they overcome them. We welcomed Vidhya Alakeson from the Power to Change Trust, who described the ideal relationship between funders and movements as one of ‘trust-based collaborative partnerships’. We heard from Alex Sutton from the Paul Hamlyn...

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Campaigns vs Services?

How can we make the business case for campaigning and policy work (a difficult position when results and impact of campaigns are not often felt in our lifetimes) and how we can navigate the tension between campaigning and front line service teams? The Campaigns Network explored these ideas in our last session…

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