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Our training and events are designed to sharpen your skills and equip you with innovative tools, techniques, frameworks and know-how. 

We’ll support you to stay on top of evolving developments in social change and embrace even the toughest challenges. And we’ll help you shift your ways of working to scale up and deepen your impact. 

We can run in-house workshops tailored to your team’s needs, either remotely or in person. 

The Social Change Agency provided skilful movement building support to our 10 socially focused start-ups. They are hyper-connected and fantastically passionate and credible about social change.
Tom Chant, Head of Wayra UK

Movement building

Follow a practical framework to improve and strengthen your movement. You’ll analyse your current strengths and challenges, and work out what you need to do differently.

Join one of our monthly open training days in London, or ask us about our bespoke training for teams.

Network building & management

Networks of people are the lifelines that run through social movements. Learn how to build and manage a thriving peer-led network where everyone has a part to play.

Join one of our monthly open training days in London, or ask us about our bespoke training for teams.

Systems thinking

Working towards social change can be a complex process. Explore how to make lasting change through a ‘systems thinking’ lense. Find out how to map out a system, what tools to use, which approach to use when, and what part YOU can play in changing the system.
Join one of our our monthly open training days in London, or ask us about our bespoke training for teams.

Power analysis

Power mapping is a way to visualise and create a shared understanding of where power and influence is held. Knowing this enables you to focus your resources, target key decision makers and forward plan tactics for maximum impact.

Join one of our our monthly open training days in London, or ask us about our bespoke training for teams.

Need something else?

Whatever your challenge, someone on our team can help and we can design training to suit you.

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The Movement Building Canvas is a dynamic model that stimulated rich and engaging discussion about our next steps as a complex and multifaceted organisation. Thank you!
Phoebe, MS Society
The practical application of the canvas was immediately relatable and understandable.
Mila, Grenfell Activist