We take a strategic, collaborative approach to help you succeed.

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Our team helps organisations increase their social impact. We’ll listen carefully, share our expertise and support you every step of the way.

We get people talking – and thinking – in ways that help them unpick complex issues, overcome long-standing obstacles and achieve incredible things. Here’s how…

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Strategy development

From high level strategy to programme planning, we can help you find clarity and direction, and build capacity. Our team brings an impressive depth of knowledge and experience, and we know how to work effectively with multiple stakeholders to tackle complex issues.

Systems thinking

We work with partners to understand their place in the bigger picture. That includes mapping out the systems surrounding the issue you want to tackle, and identifying strategic interventions and partnerships that will help you meet your goal.


When something isn’t working in an organisation’s decision making, we can help. We can support you to solve stalemates, take brave decisions and build an inclusive culture that’s all about constructive collaboration not top-down directives. 

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We can help you create systems that foster collaboration and participation, and messaging that inspires action. We work with organisations and cohorts to reframe their messaging, aligning it around compelling stories that shift public narratives and speak to new supporters. And we give small teams practical, actionable advice to increase their focus, confidence and impact. 

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Movement Building

Using our Movement Building Canvas we can help you design your movement for maximum impact. We can put on a one-off workshop, do deep-dive research with your team, or run a tailored programme to create and implement a long-term strategy.

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Network Building and Management

We can help you build, grow and manage powerful networks of people. Our Network Building Canvas is a tried and tested practical guide to creating a flourishing community. And we support groups to define, set up and structure new networks.

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Learning and Evaluation

Effective evaluation is more than just metrics. We’ll talk to everyone involved in your work to see how you’re making an impact in the messy, interconnected world of social change. As well as delivering data, we’ll help you unpick outcomes and use findings to inform future projects. We’re accredited Action Learning Set facilitators, so you’re in good hands. 


Can’t see the forest for all the trees? Drawing on a broad range of techniques, we’ll help you explore topics and come together building a shared understanding of your challenges, vision and strategies.

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We do so much more too..

Including business process planning, leadership coaching, market research, power analysis, innovation and community organising.

We’re always open to talking about where you’re at and what you need. Get in touch or schedule an call to find out how we can help.