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Supporting the Difference movement by providing strategic direction and creative assets for their social media launch

We helped the Lambeth Palace team bring their Difference course offer to Twitter and Instagram to reach a young, engaged audience. We supported their social media channel launch using a combination of creative content design, strategy, analysis and channel selection and scheduling expertise.

Difference is part of the Reconciliation Leader Network, a registered charity, established as part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Reconciliation Ministry. In order to extend their reach and improve their audience journeys, they realised it was time to launch their own social media channels.

As comms and marketing experts, who have experience of working with a wide range of organisations – from large international development charities to volunteer led grassroots groups – we recognised the vital impact Difference is aiming to have in the world and how they could use social media to scale their movement.

The goal for Difference is to be shaped, and propelled, by the voices of those already engaged in it, as it grows. This goes to the heart of all our work at The Social Change Agency and builds on our work around lived experience.

We worked with the Difference team to form a social media strategy, including how best to create momentum around key moments, drive engagement and increase followers in order to meet these key objectives. In order to achieve this, we provided strategic feedback, including how to identify key audiences and set up audience profiles.

The Social Change Agency were brilliant to work with. They demonstrated a genuine interest in our work and used their expertise to point us to the best solutions. By creating and delivering a clear set of outcomes, they helped us to launch our social media channels with confidence in our content and strategic guidance for growing our movement.
Luke Stewart, Reconciling Leaders Network Co-ordinator at Difference

We began by workshopping an idea generation session to enable us to understand their key goals and what steps we needed to take to achieve them.

We provided practical support by setting up content creation, distribution and management tools that suited their needs, and up-skilled the team to feel confident in using these independently. This included a session on analytics, reporting and how to set realistic KPIs.

We also created a bank of over 50 social media templates that spoke to their existing brand identity and themes, with the aim to increase brand fluency and fame, to help them stand out in an already saturated space.

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