Evaluating the Greater London Authority’s Citizen-Led Engagement Programme

Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority’s Community Engagement Team launched a pilot project to develop the Mayor of London’s relationships with communities which are under-represented at City Hall.

Designed as a way of engaging communities and groups in the work of the Greater London Authority, this “Year 2” programme built on the lessons learned from the pilot round of the Citizen-Led Engagement Programme.

The programme focused on moving the conversation on from ‘what will the Mayor do about it?’ to ‘what can we do about it together?’

We conducted a qualitative evaluation of the programme and presented our findings to the Greater London Authority and its stakeholders.

Citizen Led Engagement – Read the full report

We took a collaborative approach to this evaluation process. We co-developed the findings with the participants through interviews and workshops to give them opportunities to feed into the evaluation.

The recommendations we made were practical and took everyone’s views on board. We were described as being the opposite of the typically cold, hard evaluators who too often simply make their own biased judgements of the success of a programme.

Citizen Led Engagement – Read the full report

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