We help charities meet new challenges and increase their impact.

We help charities think big – from how to tell their story and scale their impact, to building their movement and restructuring their governance for the future.

Creating transformational social change calls for strategic thinking, innovation, collaboration and bold steps into the unknown. We help organisations navigate these new spaces and break through barriers. 

Our communications consultancy helps organisations find narratives that resonate, shape and evolve key messaging to capture attention, challenge prevailing narratives and inspire new supporters. 

Our governance geeks help charities think about how their decision making reflects their values and communities. And we support them to make sure the voices of those they support help shape their vision and strategy.

We also support charities to expand their networks, build their movements, and give supporters and donors greater ownership of the change they’re working towards. And we help them develop innovation and evaluate their impact

If your team needs to build its capacity, or just brush up on tools and techniques, we can provide tailored support. Our expertise include communications, strategy, systems thinking, network and movement building, influencing and community organising.

Find out how we can support you to create more impact