From membership charity to national movement

Hospice UK

Hospice UK’s merger with Dying Matters gave them a chance to reexamine their work and embrace the full potential of movement building

We were asked to help them reflect on their role as advocates and supporters of hospice care, allowing them to focus on bringing their membership, partners and other stakeholders together at a critical stage in their organisational development.

Following in-depth interviews with Hospice UK’s senior management team, we ran a workshop with the entire staff team. The focus was on exploring ways to mobilise the charity’s staff and partners under the banner of a coherent movement, to better promote hospice care and support everyone working in the sector.

Our work has been condensed into a series of recommendations and principles of engagement. Our Movement Building Workshop helped Hospice UK develop messaging, content and a strategic plan for delivering the next phase of the organisation’s important work across their members and the wider public.

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