Creating fresh solutions to accelerate social impact.

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At every opportunity, we innovate. We look for gaps in the social change landscape and create practical solutions designed to accelerate change.

We run our own projects to solve knotty problems changemakers face, bring people together, develop fresh approaches and advance understanding of what works.

And we help organisations get their own social innovations tested, up and running too. 

The difference it makes? Huge. Among many other things, this focus on fresh thinking has led to:

Money management for grassroots groups

Our money management platform for groups, launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the practical challenges that movements face. Find out more →

Network Building and Movement Building Canvas

Our practical frameworks to help people build thriving peer networks and high impact movements.
Movement Building Canvas →
Network Building Canvas →

Lost Voices Toolkit

An essential resource that shows charities how to bring the voices of people with lived experience into the heart of their digital campaigning. Find out more →

Young Trustees Movement

A campaign, digital hub and national network that’s putting more young people on charity trustee boards. Find out more →

Ultimately, we want everything we learn and discover to help activists, groups, networks and movements achieve greater social impact.

If you’re facing a problem with no clear answer, we want to chat.

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