Our experts design, run and evaluate pioneering programmes.

Transformative change

We work with groups and organisations to design, support and evaluate programmes of transformative change.

Our team can help you build a robust, effective programme that meets your goals. We implement and establish best practice, and improve programme delivery at all levels, with an emphasis on learning partnerships.

Community centred

Running through the heart of all of our programmes is a community centred approach based on the belief that when it comes to community development, it is the communities themselves that know best.

Through our unique expertise in collaborative leadership, participatory grant making, network management and social innovation we’re able to help build thriving, connected neighbourhoods.

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As a funder, we’re interested in finding models that are the most appropriate to support work that isn’t always supported. The Social Change Agency has helped us to reach areas and communities that have been the most affected by the barriers of traditional funding models.
Michael Parsons, Portfolio Manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity

Learning and evaluation partner

Effective evaluation is more than just metrics. We’ll talk to everyone involved in your work to see how you’re making an impact in the messy, interconnected world of social change. As well as delivering data, we’ll help you unpick outcomes and use findings to inform future projects.

Field building

When tackling the complex world of social change, the most effective programmes are often collaborative ones which draw on expertise across different organisations.

If you are thinking about collaborating with others in your sector and want help to explore what this would look like then get in touch for chat.

The Social Change Agency helped us ask what it means to be inclusive, not just in running a meeting or event, but in making decisions. They understood the social mission we are trying to achieve. Their experience with networks and another similar organisations was also really critical.
William Nicholson, Planning and Partnerships Lead at Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership

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