Joining forces with global activists to host the new Youth Climate Fund

The Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF)

We are excited to be partnering with the Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF) as the fiscal host and grant manager for their newly launched Youth Climate Fund. 

The grants distributed through our fiscal hosting service will directly support over 100 youth climate actors across the globe.

We are proud to support the UMI Fund in their mission to make grants that fill under-resourced and less-occupied spaces in the climate movement. From application to distribution, the grant-making approach of the Youth Climate Fund will be collaborative and peer reviewed.  Four young activists from India, the Philippines, Nigeria, the USA and one representative from UMIF make up the Committee that will be selecting climate activists to receive the grant.

We are proud to be working alongside the UMI Fund to enable a new and innovative way of funding that opens direct access to groups and activists less commonly reached, and alongside our other climate groups in Nest, helping to build and support the climate movement globally.
Esther Foreman, CEO at The Social Change Agency
Working with The Social Change Agency allows us to reach and support young climate activists bursting with energy in such a way that they can focus on what’s really important: making their voices heard.
Stephen Campbell, Co-Director at Urban Movement Innovation Fund

We will be supporting the distribution of grants, by giving grantees a digital platform to safely and transparently manage their funds. Through The Social Change Nest we currently provide fiscal hosting to over 200 community-led groups, including a number of prominent climate actors such as Parents for the Future and Uplift.  We also support foundations and funders like Blagrave Foundation, Paul Hamlyn, Changing Ideas and Lankelly Chase to distribute funds directly into the hands of communities projects, activists, and unincorporated organisations.

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