Come together with a shared understanding of your challenges, strategies and vision.

Our expertise

We help people to be relational leaders so that they can harness the power of groups to unleash social change. One way we do this is through good facilitation.

Facilitation methods feed into everything we do, including:

  • Stakeholder management and coalition building
  • Breaking through stalemates and handling difficult conversations
  • Creating shared objectives and purpose
  • Delivering action learning sets
  • Hosting away days and co-creation exercises
  • Coaching and advising executives and leaders
  • Establishing new collaboration practises and processes
  • Peer network management
  • Group leadership coaching
  • Online conference facilitation
It helped having them on the outside looking in, talking to all of our different members and being really inclusive in the process. We went with them instead of a more traditional organisation because they understood the social mission that we’re trying to achieve.
William Nicholson, Planning and Partnerships Lead at Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership

Our approach

We are trained in and draw on a number of facilitation and leadership practices including:

  • Art of Hosting
  • Action Learning Set
  • World Cafe
  • Open Space
  • ILM Coaching in Leadership and Management
  • Inclusive meeting practises
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Unconferences
  • Creativity techniques
  • Power dynamics and group dynamics
  • Democratic decision-making:
    • consent-based
    • sociocracy
    • holocracy

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