Movement building

Create a sustainable movement harnessing the power of people.

movement building

Our expertise

Our movement building practice draws on several disciplines, including:

  • Organisational strategy, positioning and purpose
  • Governance structures and organisational psychology
  • Community organising and facilitation
  • Campaigning, communications and behaviour change
  • Network management
  • Market research and impact evaluation

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Why build a movement?

The benefits of taking a movement building approach include:

  • Greater organisational impact and legitimacy
  • Increased organisational stability and sustainability
  • The ability to change public behaviour at scale
  • Increased supporter engagement and revenue generation
  • Improved staff engagement, retention and recruitment
  • Increased access to new partnerships and coalitions

Our approach

Our movement building work is rooted in the following principles:

  • Collective, distributed leadership models
  • Inclusive, participatory organising methods
  • Systems thinking
  • Peer learning approaches and cohort learning
  • Innovation and design thinking
    Power dynamics and group dynamics

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