Communications expertise.

Our expertise

We believe in harnessing the power of the crowd to change the world.

Our communications services help individuals and organisations build broad-based, progressive social movements.

Our work covers:

  • Communications and marketing strategy
  • Messaging development and audience research
  • Content design and development
  • Lobbying, advocacy and social change campaigns
  • Fundraising and crowdfunding support
  • Supporter mobilisation

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Our approach

In an age of information overload, lots of people have become cynical. Trust and credibility have become precious commodities. That’s why our approach to communications and campaigns is different.

We co-create our work, encourage participation and are movement-generous in our approach. We also understand the power of surfacing the stories of lived experience. These approaches drive authenticity and help communicators overcome cynicism.

We create truly bespoke, accessible audience-led communications strategies by combining these approaches with our strategic planning, facilitation and network management skills. Above all else, we value authenticity and shun astroturfing, wokewashing or greenwashing techniques.

I just wanted to express our thanks for all your assistance, suggestions and wisdom regarding our comms strategy and tactics… I have found our meetings have not only given us practical advice regarding our communications strategy but have also enabled me to feel more confident and at home within the sector. Some of the changes you have suggested have been a great success (such as the biweekly shorter mailouts as opposed to our lengthily monthly newsletter). This has not only increased our engagement, but also reduced our workloads. We are now able to spend more time creating quality content and feel much more in control of our outputs. We were complimented by our Board for our Communications Strategy document, something that was influenced by our time working with you, so thank you!
Hayley Warner, Network and Communications Manager at Expert Link

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