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Lose Control with us

Where should the power lie in social movements? What are the challenges to traditional thinking about institutional infrastructure? Just couple of the questions we’ll be getting to grips with alongside Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Lankelly Chase, Power to Change, Friends of the Earth, Suma Wholefoods, Quakers and many more at our 2 day hack.

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Tony Blair’s Own Goal

We’ve been having a bit of fun lately using our Movement Building Canvas to predict the staying power of movements, using the three fundamentals of shared identity, meaningful journey and empowering enablers. Prepare for sporting analogies galore as we pitch Team Blair against This Girl Can.

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Control issues

A movement masterclass with Amy Varle, Founder of Social Property Investment.

Whether we’re coaching Founders who are scaling social ventures, or movement builders from large organisations, one the most common things we work on is how to comfortably loosen their grip on control. Amy Varle, the Founder of Social Property Investment, is planning to build out a movement of housing innovators to tackle homelessness and there’s something for everyone to learn from her lessons on letting go.

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The Mission-Led Movement looking for meaning at work

Earlier this month, the Mission-Led Business Review published its recommendations on supporting the ‘emerging movement’ of for-profits who identify positive social impact as central to their purpose. It spans a pretty eclectic bunch of organisations but what the Review doesn’t set out to do is to look at the individuals who will drive and sustain the movement. So we thought we’d have a go because all movements are made up of people.

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Sport as social movement: playing the long game

A movement masterclass with James Mathie, Club Development Manager at Supporters Direct.

The shared purpose, values and experiences of ‘your people’ are at the very core of our Movement Building Canvas. So, when we met a man with eight years experience of helping sports supporters influence the running and ownership of their club, we thought we might have a thing of two to learn from him about putting ‘fans first’ in movements for change. Here’s what he got us thinking about.

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