Leading the Feminist Movement: Fiona Mactaggart plenary speech

“We may have the vote, but fewer than 1 in 3 MPs are women. We may have the right to work, but despite equal pay legislation being introduced more than 50 years ago, women at the median are paid less 18.4% less than men. Every political party is committed to see equality, yet in some respects, the condition of women is going backwards.”

In collaboration with Clore Social Leadership, we hosted a conference bringing together leaders in the feminist movement to develop a common vision and strategy for the movement.

Opening the conference was a speech from Fiona MacTaggart, former Labour MP and Chair of Fawcett Society and Agenda. This report is a transcript of the speech in which Fiona reflects on the journey so far and what needs to happen next.

Leading the Movement: Fiona Mactaggart plenary speech

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