Why we’re striking on September 20th

We throw our support behind the action and the demands made. This is reflected both in the work we do – specifically providing back-office support and movement building guidance to the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) and in the work we won’t do on Friday when we down laptops to strike.

Can inclusivity put the va va voom in volunteering?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the third sector, but new research suggests the pool of willing recruits could be shrinking. In response, some civil society leaders are working to make volunteering more accessible and inclusive, but is it enough to reverse the trend?...

How funders can help the new generation of citizen-led change

Esther Foreman argues that we must provide new funding and support models for the new breed of community networks and activists. Four years ago, in the summer of 2015, a small group of friends in London decided they wanted to do something to alleviate the worsening...

My experience as a school striker and climate activist

By Lulu, a school student and climate activist based in London. My experience with the climate movement started in February when I proudly walked out of my geography lesson to attend the School Strike for Climate hosted by UKSCN. The streets of central London were...

Addressing workplace bullying in the third sector

It's no secret that working for charities and the like can be both incredibly fulfilling and stressful at the same time. However, over the last few years, numerous reports of toxic working cultures, harassment and safeguarding issues have brought wellbeing to the...

The case for thinking more strategically in third sector campaigns

We recently caught up with Alice Sachrajda and Lena Baumgartner, the two authors of “More Than Words: How communicating our shared values and forging mutual connections can bring hope for a new tomorrow”. ‘More than Words’ is a recent investigation commissioned by the Thomas Paine Initiative, making the case for why those working towards social change can and should be using strategic communications as a powerful tool for achieving positive change.

A strategic communications reading list for campaigners

As a campaigner or PR person, it's very easy to feel lost in your day to day work. When you're churning out press releases or spending time compiling web analytics reports, it's easy to inadvertently publish counter-productive messages or spend to much time on the...

In conversation with Hope not Hate

In this interview, we speak to with Nick Spooner, Organizer at Hope not Hate, to learn more about his and his organisation’s work.