Three movements to watch out for in 2018

Wondering what social movements to look out for in 2018? We have compiled a short list of movements that we’re most excited about in the coming year. These are some of the movements we’ve seen quietly brewing along – and we think 2018 is their year to shine:

The 3 Million

1. The 3 Million

The 3 Million is the movement to watch for 2018. As our European divorce creeps closer and closer, there is a movement of 3 million Europeans in the UK who are feeling its impending effects.

We at The Social Change Agency like it because this movement feels incredibly genuine – started by people directly affected by the issue, who are networked with other people who are directly affected and they are mobilising.

2. B Corp: Responsible capitalism – Business with purpose

The year 2018 is unpredictable. But there’s one thing we know for sure: 2018 is the year for businesses with purpose. We spent the last few months of 2017, supporting Marks and Spencers to work with their local communities to tackle big social issues.  We know it won’t stop there, 2018 is the year where we think consumers and businesses will strive to use their power to create positive impact.

There are vast studies exploring the success of businesses with purpose, and you don’t even need to look much further than the success of the BCorp movement. There is a community of BCorp businesses across 50 industries spanning 130 countries.

Businesses which have a purpose and social value at the heart of their strategy and ideology are setting the standard for what future generations will expect from businesses. We think consumers are going to be demanding it – and it’s over and beyond a CSR strategy, this is about responsible capitalism.

Earlier this year we interviewed our CEO Esther Foreman about why she chose to become a part of the BCorp community. You can take a read of the interview here:

3. The Lived Experience

Over the past few years we have  seen people critically examine the value of the lived experience and the importance of direct accounts of those who are living with impact of injustice and flawed systems day in day out.  We have seen organisations like Expert Link and reports like The Value of the Lived Experience explore what the lived experience means and its role in social change. We at The Social Change Agency have been funded by JRCT contribute to this movement through our Lost Voices project.

In early December we ran a hackathon around responsible digital campaigning and the lived experience. It was an exhilarating afternoon filled with ideas and innovations. There was a huge amount of energy in that room, with people and organisations keen to explore uncharted territories around digital campaigning, collaboration, lived experience and much more. We think 2018 is the year for responsible innovation in digital campaigning.

So there you have it! SCA’s top pick of key movements to watch out for in 2018.

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