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Crowdfunding Academy

The Crowdfunding Academy helps businesses, foundations, charities and fundraisers get the most out of crowdfunding. We provide cutting edge training and programme delivery to help you understand what crowdfunding is and what it can do for you and your ideas. From deciding which type of crowdfunding is right for you to choosing the right platform, and from delivering on supporter engagement, acquisition and retention to securing match funding from high value donors. Our specialist knowledge provide customised, practical support, feasibility studies and big data analysis for organisations who are looking to make the most of crowdfunding across their work.

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Free resources

Movement Building Canvas

The Movement Building Canvas is a practical framework and printable worksheet to help you or your organisation design and build a social movement.

Network Building Canvas

Discover how to create and manage successful peer networks and Communities of Practice using our handy canvas, perfect for both individuals and groups.

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