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Briding the gap between charity governance and technology sectors

We teamed up with Peridot Partners during National Trustee Week to create GetWired, a conference and brainstorming opportunity devoted to bridging the gap between the charity governance and technology sectors.

Altogether the event had around 50 passionate attendees. The charities ranged from small volunteer-led grassroots organisations to large national Increasing the Digital Capacity of Trustee Boards bodies with over £10m turnover, and were represented by a mixture of chairs, chief execs and heads of digital.

London’s rich tech scene was represented by a cross section of digital entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, product designers and social media strategists, working across a range of sectors including education, travel and broadband provision.

Awesome #getwired #trusteesweek – incredibly valuable conversations connecting technology and charity leadership
Jonathan May, CEO at Hubbub

The event was specifically designed to identify the obstacles to getting better digital skills on boards, to get people thinking about solutions and to create practical tips for both sectors going forward.

We used open space methodology to explore the following question: “How can we increase digital capacity and leadership in trustee boards?”.

Want to know more? Read our report which includes, 10 barriers to getting digital skills on boards and 15 practical recommendations for getting past those barriers.

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