UK Aid Match 

The Social Change Agency manages the communications of UK Aid Match, a 5-year, £150 million programme run by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). 

We work closely with FCDO and over 100 international development charities to deliver creative, positive, solutions-focused communication appeals that show the benefits of UK aid.

Supporting this we have run a comprehensive research programme with the international development sector to help improve the communication component of UK Aid Match.

Why is public engagement important?

Public attitudes toward global development are increasingly negative. How charities communicate their work is vital to encouraging the public to engage and actively support international development work.  We draw on research such as the Narrative Project to overcome barriers to public support such as feelings of cynicism, distance, and futility.

We offer CSOs support on: 

-Refining key campaign messages
-Evaluating communication strategies
-Maximising earned media and fundraising opportunities
-Assessing communications risks
-Meaningfully using case studies
-Assessing creative assets
-Sharing best practice from across the sector

For further information about UK Aid Match, please visit or contact