Building a network of networks for community businesses.

Power to Change is a £150m lottery-funded organisation focused on helping community businesses in England to grow.

Their research revealed that 72% of community businesses work closely with one another, with 69% actively supporting the development of new community businesses.

Power to Change wanted to find ways to unlock the treasure trove of local expertise in community business networks across England.

In partnership with Power to Change and Shared Assets, we are running an 18 month peer learning programme – Unlocking Networks – which helps community business networks to innovate, collaborate and explore new business models together.

Over the programme we have been running retreats, monthly online seminars and training days with members of participating networks.

We also have a growing body of insight, understanding and knowledge to help networks scale, all freely available on the project website.

Attend our one day workshop on understanding the role of managing and developing Peer Networks for social change.