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Equal Opportunity Employer: The Social Change Agency is highly committed to the diversity of our small team. We are proud to have a real mix of talented people, including a female leadership team, BAME staff and leaders, disability inclusion at all levels, different gender expressions, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. We have an incredible group of people and personalities that bring their whole selves to work and are passionate about social change. You can learn more about our existing team here.

Diversity is crucial in delivering the work that we do, and we seek to build on this at every opportunity. In filling vacancies we actively encourage applications from all candidates that meet the job specification regardless of ethnicity, age, gender expression, sexuality, race, and religion. All of our current vacancies are listed here. 

Introducing the UK’s First Ever Crowdfunding Academy!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the UK’s first ever Crowdfunding Academy at Nesta on the 19th September 2016. The Academy is for people and organisations looking to learn about the best ways to use crowdfunding to increase their social impact. It will cover best practice in digital fundraising along with cutting edge movement building techniques, enabling participants to get the most out of this fast-growing area.

Crowdfunding the Crowdfunders: A systemic approach to raising your own finance

“More importantly, we want to raise money through crowdfunding – as opposed to the traditional venture capital route – because we fundamentally believe in fundraising in a positive, open, constructive and supportive way – in a way that involves the friends, family, professional contacts, customers and stakeholders in our business. I mean, that’s why we started Hubbub to begin with. It’s a no brainer” …… Jonathan May, CEO of Hubbub talks about why crowdfunding for crowdfunders is the systemic approach.