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Equal Opportunity Employer: The Social Change Agency is highly committed to the diversity of our small team. We are proud to have a real mix of talented people, including a female leadership team, BAME staff and leaders, disability inclusion at all levels, different gender expressions, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. We have an incredible group of people and personalities that bring their whole selves to work and are passionate about social change. You can learn more about our existing team here.

Diversity is crucial in delivering the work that we do, and we seek to build on this at every opportunity. In filling vacancies we actively encourage applications from all candidates that meet the job specification regardless of ethnicity, age, gender expression, sexuality, race, and religion. All of our current vacancies are listed here. 

Self Help Housing

Self-Help-Housing.Org, set up in 2008 with funding from Tudor Trust, aims to promote and support...

Housing First

This month at the Social Change Agency we have been looking at different organisations, campaigns...

Why I decided to co-found HouseParty with HACT

A lot of people have been asking me why I decided to start HouseParty as a joint venture with HACT. To those who aren’t in the know, HouseParty is 2 day long housing ‘unconference’ on the 24th and 25th of June. The Social Change Agency doesn’t really specialise in housing or housing innovation, or even focus on housing policy, and everyone knows that events don’t make any money, so why did we decide to do it?