Category: Leadership

How to create a community of practice

When you’re building big movements for social impact, it helps to provide a safe space for the leaders in the network to come together positively (think appreciative inquiry, rather than ‘stitch and bitch’). And one of the most exciting things we’re doing right now is convening the #peoplesCOP – a Community of Practice (CoP) of 13 experts who run peer networks supporting community businesses across the land. So what are CoPs, why do they work and how do you create one? Well, since you ask – we’ve put together a handy how-to guide.

Campaigners – Are you ready for the next level?

Everyone from SSIR, to NCVO says that Campaigning generally needs to be more innovative. So how do we fix this? The first step is to enable honest and real conversations between campaigns leads. We need a safe space to explore common challenges and deepen our practice together in a way that will benefit campaigners, the sector as a whole and the wider impact we all desire. So we have teamed up with CharityComms to create The Campaigns Network – a face to face opportunity for Campaign Peers to meet to discuss important issues at a strategic level across causes.