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In order to face constantly evolving challenges, a dynamic and effective movement or peer network needs to maintain a dynamic and up-to-date skill set.

We can help you to keep on top of the latest developments, helping you to embrace and work through the complexities of change.

We provide the following introductory workshops centred around a variety of tools and techniques.

These introductory workshops are pay-what-you-can, which ensures a diverse range of people can benefit from them.

We can also offer bespoke training on a commissioned basis. Contact us for more information on bespoke training on-site at your location or via video link.

Our latest training offerings

Movement Building Training

The Movement Building Canvas is a practical framework to help you, your team or interested stakeholders to design and improve your movement for maximum impact.

Power Analysis for Campaigners

Power mapping is a tool that visualises how power is exercised in relation to its context and other power players.

Introduction to Network Building Training

This training session focuses how to build and manage peer-led networks without adopting a command and control mentality.

Our upcoming training sessions

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