A workshop on thinking skills and strategies which create a reliably productive collaborative advantage

Teach Me sessions are workshops across the country focussing on sharing specific skills and insights from hosts who have actually applied these before and know what they’re talking about. Cutting edge technology, co-budgeting, facilitation skills, communications, movement building, power dynamics, group dynamics, culture and more!

There are only 30 spaces available on a first come first serve basis so get your tickets now!

When: Monday, April 27th, 2020, 09:30 – 4:30 (**Please note this has been rescheduled from March 31, 2020)

Where: Due to the circumstances developing around Covid-19, this workshop will be delivered online be via webinar.

About this workshop: Whether you’re dealing with partnership problems, new to partnership work, or want to take a partnership to the next level – this workshop will expand your thinking into new dimensions, helping build strong, consistently effective partnerships for the benefit of all.

Purpose of the workshop: The workshop will give participants more confidence to work with unfamiliar people in unfamiliar territories. Strategies for managing expectations, avoiding common pitfalls and creating good conditions for sure-footed progress will be explored.

Who is it for? This workshop is for anyone involved in partnership work where the strengths and tensions gained from diversity need to be balanced with care.

You may be:

  • Creating an initiative, project or organisation dependent on partnership
  • Managing relationships with a partnership or between partner organisations
  • Participating as a team member with partnership responsibilities

Learning outcomes
You will leave the workshop with:

  • A personal skills assessment
  • A stakeholder (or potential partner) assessment
  • Clarity about pressure points to watch
  • A sketch of practical ‘next steps’
  • Some ‘anchors’ for systems work (in language & science)

Meet your host: Mike Zeidler

Mike Zeidler is a facilitator with 24 years of experience in leadership development, partnership building and strategic change. He is a founder of the Association of Sustainability Practitioners, the Happy City Initiative, and now the Association of Coworking & Collaboration. He is passionate about helping people get the best out of each other and the world around them and has served as a director on more than 20 in private and voluntary sector boards. He’s been described as an Opportunity Maker – ‘a pattern seeker involved in different worlds, communicating sweet spots of shared interest to make opportunities for people to accomplish greater things together’


There are three different ticket options* and are first come first serve. Tickets prices include VAT. Tickets do not include Lunch**

* Why are there three different ticket prices? Being an inclusive network is one of the core Losing Control principles and what that means is we are committed to include people from different backgrounds, sectors, and experiences as well as to make sure that ticket costs do not exclude Losing Control network members from participating. With that being said, the ticket sales for this event are just enough to cover the cost of running the Teach Me session. There are three different options so that those who are paid well to do their work or can afford pay it forward or standard ticket will be supporting other people to come along on a discounted ticket and travel bursary

**Lunch: In the spirit of Losing Control and sharing resources, we will be having a big family-style potluck! If you can bring along a dish to share that would be much appreciated.

Accessibility: The venue has step-free access, if you have any particular concerns about accessibility please get in touch with karen@thesocialchangeagency.org to discuss more

27/04/2020, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

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