A one-day introduction to more horizontal ways of working that brings out the best in you and those around you

Teach Me sessions are workshops across the country focussing on sharing specific skills and insights from hosts who have actually applied these before and know what they’re talking about. Cutting edge technology, co-budgeting, facilitation skills, communications, movement building, power dynamics, group dynamics, culture and more!

There are only 30 spaces available on a first come first serve basis so get your tickets now!

When: Thursday, Feb 27th 2020, 9:30 – 5:00

Where: Plymouth, Engage Church PL2 3BG.

About this workshop: In complex and uncertain times, it is tempting to reach for familiar approaches that worked in the past. Yet the problems don’t go away – they re-emerge in a different form and we find we are no further forward. What worked in the past no longer works in our uncertain and complex world.

We need a different way. We need to learn to work with the uncertainty, let go of old habits, cease striving for control and perfection and tap into authenticity and flow. Organisations must be able to respond to diversity, adapt to change and create a healthy system. This requires trust, collaboration, decentralised decision-making, co-creative innovation, stakeholder alignment, continuous learning and more.

These are not things you can simply “do”. You cannot change yourself overnight. It is about trying, learning and growing up – a lifetime’s journey. This workshop will help you on the journey, by introducing a selection of tried-and-tested tools and practices to help you and your organisation navigate ambiguity & complexity.

Who is it for? The workshop is for people in organisations:

  • battling with stifled productivity, disengagement, lack of innovation;
  • dreaming of tapping into the collective intelligence of those around them; or
  • who are simply curious about new ways of working.

It is for entrepreneurs, mavericks and leaders at all levels.

Learning Outcomes

  • tools to enhance your listening and perception skills;
  • ways to make your organisation more adaptable to change;
  • the nature of steward-leadership in healthy systems;
  • skills of perspective coordination in managing complexity; and
  • how to deal with conflict and relationships constructively

Meet your hosts: François Knuchel and Patrick Andrews, Human Organising Co.

This participatory workshop will be lead by two of the co-founders of the Human Organising Co, a collaborative venture set up to promote more human, effective and creative ways of working. This event is kindly supported by Plymouth Octopus Project 

François Knuchel is an experienced trainer & facilitator, specialising in intercultural management, new paradigm leadership and lean business design. His experience of circle management methods in Japan has influenced his passion for re-imagining how we work together.


Patrick Andrews is a lawyer and facilitator. His helps his clients, who range from hi-tech start-ups to well-established charities, navigate the law and their relationships with others while holding onto their values. Patrick is a visiting lecturer at London’s Imperial College.


There are three different ticket options* and are first come first serve. Tickets do not include Lunch** 

*Why are there three different ticket prices? Being an inclusive network is one of the core Losing Control principles and what that means is we are committed to include people from different backgrounds, sectors, and experiences as well as to make sure that ticket costs do not exclude Losing Control network members from participating. With that being said, the ticket sales for this event are just enough to cover the cost of running the Teach Me session. There are three different options so that those who are paid well to do their work or can afford pay it forward or standard ticket will be supporting other people to come along on a discounted ticket and travel bursary

** Lunch: In the spirit of Losing Control and sharing resources, we will be having a big family style potluck! If you can bring along a dish to share that would be much appreciated.

Accessibility: If you have any particular concerns about accessibility please get in touch with karen@thesocialchangeagency.org to discuss more

Ticket prices are inclusive of VAT

27/02/2020, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

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