Accountable: money management for community-led groups

Activists and active neighbours should focus on helping others, not paperwork. Accountable helps them do just that.

Accountable is The Social Change Nest CIC’s fiscal hosting service on Open Collective.

Being fiscally hosted by SCN means your group gets a financial home to safely and transparently manage incomings and outgoings, without having to constitute or use your own bank account.

Managing money for informal groups can quickly become an admin headache.

Most don’t have the legal status needed to open a bank account, but relying on personal accounts isn’t a long term solution.

Using Accountable, groups hold their funds in our business bank account, and use the Open Collective platform to accept and distribute money.

Groups stay in total control of how and when money is spent and can share responsibility for signing off costs amongst each other, while we handle the time-consuming accounting tasks, like bank transfers.  

After years working with grassroots groups and as an incubator for fledgling social movements we know this service can provide the strong foundation needed to get going and keep going.

“I cannot praise the Accountable service enough. In a few quick, easy steps, we got the ability to fundraise and pay expenses – it has made all the difference in this crisis. No one has had any problems using the platform. I don’t know how we would have kept on going without it.” Felix, Oxford Mutual Aid