Fund frontline social action through Accountable

Most funders face big barriers to supporting informal community groups. They often:

  • can’t transfer funds to individual’s bank accounts
  • don’t have the systems in place to manage risk or handle relationships
  • can’t fulfil their legal obligations to ensure funds are used correctly and transparently
  • don’t have the networks to find small, hyperlocal groups

Accountable enables trusts and foundations to get funding to frontline and grassroots organisers

We do this by:

  • manage spending and reporting requirements between funders and groups
  • provide full transparency and record keeping of grant expenditure
  • provide a platform for groups to manage their spending
  • handle all of the payment processing
  • providing due diligence on grantees

With Accountable, you can sleep easy in the knowledge that due diligence has been carried out on grantees. And because the service is so transparent, you can also see how others have distributed funds through it, how that funding has been used, and what impact that funding has had.

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Foundations utilising and supporting Accountable

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Funding community groups with Guy’s and St Thomas Foundation

The Social Change Agency worked with Guy’s and St Thomas Foundation to identify and support grassroots community groups that were responding to the pandemic across Lambeth and Southwark.

We ensured that they could receive small grants from the trust through our Accountable service.

We continue to act as a fiscal host for many of these groups.

“Regranting through Accountable was new to us as a funder. We’re interested in finding models that are the most appropriate to support work that isn’t always supported. The areas and the communities that are least supported are also those that tend to be stopped by the barriers of traditional funding models the most.”

Michael Parsons

Portfolio Manager, Guy's and St Thomas' Foundation

Funding community groups with Plymouth Octopus

The Social Change Agency is also helping Plymouth Octopus use Accountable to distribute grants to community groups.

Plymouth Octopus values the collaboration and transparency that Accountable encourages and provides, as well as the due diligence service it offers.

“In order to promote collaboration, you have to have transparency over decision-making and finances. We’ve been trying to find solutions to that for some time.

We heard about Accountable and began using the service because it has transparency and collaborative decision-making at its heart. It is now part of our journey to encourage collaborative and transparent grassroots action in Plymouth.

We think there’s a value in holding this type of function independent; it saves time and we can be confident in following best practice. We would encourage others, whether it’s grassroots groups or funders like us, to consider using it too.”

Matt Bell

CEO, Plymouth Octopus

Funding Young Climate Activists with Urban Movement Innovation Fund

The Social Change Agency has partnered with Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMIF) as the fiscal host and grant manager for their newly launched Youth Climate Fund.

In addition to risk management SCA will support the distribution of grants through Accountable, giving grantees a digital platform to safely and transparently manage their funds.


“Working with The Social Change Agency allows us to reach and support young climate activists bursting with energy in such a way that they can focus on what’s really important: making their voices heard.

Stephen Campbell

Urban Movement Innovation Fund

Who you can fund through Accountable

Mutual Aid

Food banks

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Local groups


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& many more

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Find out how Accountable could help you fund frontline social change

“I cannot praise The Social Change Agency enough. In a few quick, easy steps, they gave us the ability to fund raise and pay expenses – they have made all the difference in this crisis. That money allowed us to keep vulnerable people off the streets and get food and medicine to those who desperately needed it. Everyone has been impressed by how professional and transparent the platform is.”

Felix Levay

Oxford Mutual Aid

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