We all know that traditional digital campaigning methods aren’t working. Think back to Stella Creasy’s ‘do’s and don’t for political lobbying’, or Esther Foreman’s  Shouting down the house’ report, or the more recent MoreOnion report on pushing the boundaries of MP actions. MPs have voiced their concerns, the digital campaigning sector is responding, but not quite enough. There needs to be a shift in the way that we view MP engagement, and it begins with listening to the voices of lived experience.

The ‘write-to-your-MP’ tactic has clogged MPs’ inboxes, with your email alongside hundreds of thousands of others ending up in one big digital bin. We know that this isn’t just the fault of a lack of innovation on digital campaigning tactics, but also the fault of a lack of innovation by parliament to deal with these messages. But the most dangerous part of this all is that we’re losing the voices of real lived experience. People who will be most affected are being drowned out by the sheer volume of voices MPs are inundated with each day.

To help tackle this issue, The Social Change Agency is launching the Lost Voices project. Lost Voices is a JRCT funded project which aims to ensure the voices of lived experience are at the centre of digital campaigning. This project will seek to bring organisations across the sector together, to collaborate and co-create a solution that values the voices of lived experience.
We’re currently in the process of setting up an advisory board. We want as much input from individuals and organisations who are passionate about innovating in the field of digital campaigning. We’ll be keeping those of you that are interested updated as the project progresses.

If you’re interested in staying up-to-date with the project, please email jinan@thesocialchangeagency.org.