Movement Building Canvas

Are you a movement builder, or aspire to be one?

Do you recognise the impact you can have when you think big about change?

Have you faced challenges of getting hundreds or thousands of individuals and organisations to create, speak and act together?

Do you want to add greater value to your movement?

If so, The Movement Building Canvas is a practical framework to help you, your team or your organisation design your movement for maximum impact. Tested with NGOs, community groups and start-ups, it can be used at any time to explore movement building ideas.

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The canvas is split into four sections. You can use it to explore…

Who is part of your movement? These could be your members, campaigners, funders, stakeholders or anyone who shares a passion for your cause.

What is the change that is going to happen because of your movement? This could be social, environmental, economic, individual or collective

Movement Identity

Who are you and what do you stand for? Explore the founding principles of your movement – the purpose, experiences and values that your members share.

Movement Journey

Where are you taking people? Plan out what happens once people join your movement. How will they engage, what kind of actions will they take and how will they get the recognition they deserve?

Movement Enablers

What do you need to get going and stay moving? Work out how to organise, communicate and connect with your movement and identify the infrastructure you’ll need to put in place.

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Start designing your movement and thinking big about change

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