Get Started

Congratulations on beginning your movement building journey.

The Movement Building Canvas is designed to help you, your team, or your organisation design your movement for maximum impact.

Click here to download the colour version.

Click here to download the black and white version.

Here are some tips for completing the canvas:

1. There’s a version with questions to help your thinking, and a version with headings only – full colour or black and white, you choose!

2. If you want to doodle and scribble on the canvas, then download the version with the headings only. You could also blow this up large for groups of people to stick post-its on (that’s what we like to do!)

3. Start with your people, then move into the centre to Movement Identity and work outwards through to Movement Journey and Movement Enablers.

4. You can do it alone, but it’s better with friends! We suggest you review the questions first, identify the colleagues, partners and collaborators who can help you answer them and facilitate discussions with them.

5. Don’t worry if the answers don’t all come at once. There are some deep questions about values and control, for example, and opinions may differ. Reaching a consensus on these things will be key so it’s worth taking the time to achieve it. We can help with that.

6. Talk to us if you need support or get stuck. Our open workshop will take you through the canvas stage by stage and our bespoke workshops are tailor made to help move your thinking on to the next stage.

Tell us how you get on. Tag us in a tweet or Instagram a photo of your Movement Building experience using @SocialChangeAg.