Get started with Accountable

If you’re part of a group helping your community in the wake of coronavirus, the chances are that money will need to change hands.

Once money starts changing hands, things get complicated very quickly.

It throws up questions such as:

  • Use a personal bank account? This puts all the risk and responsibility on one individual.
  • Accept cash or cheques? This is difficult to access at the moment and could be unsafe to handle.
  • Accept Paypal? This still relies on one individual’s personal bank account.
  • Use crowdfunding platforms? These are great for fundraising one big sum, but aren’t set up for receiving and making lots of small payments over months.
  • Start a group bank account? This is time-consuming and you need to register as a company or charity.
logo for transparent money management service designed for community groups called Accountable
“Using the platform streamlined all the information and meant that we didn’t have to set up our own bank account. It’s also great having all the transactions public.” Seth, Goose Green Solidarity Fund 

Community groups can avoid all that.

Accountable is right for you if…

  • You want to pay money in, receive donations and pay money out, all in one place
  • You want the money that comes in and is paid out to be seen by the whole group. Accountable is totally transparent.
  • You want responsibility for managing the group’s money to be shared, so it doesn’t all rest on one person
  • You want control of how and where your group’s money is spent
  • You want a free to use service – we’ll never charge you for using the platform
a diagram explaining how the money management service for community groups works in practice

Ready to get started?

Get started by going to our our platform page and clicking ‘apply’, or email us on to talk it through.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

The Social Change Agency is a registered B Corp business that has been supporting people-powered networks and grassroots groups since 2013. We know from experience the challenges that come with collectively managing money. This platform is the best we’ve seen for managing money transparently.

In the current crisis, we want to help groups have as much impact as possible in their communities. We aren’t making money from providing this service, we are gratefully receiving support from the Lankelly Chase Foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation and The Changing Ideas Fund to cover our costs.

“It has enabled us to minimise the handling of cash. Our volunteers pay for groceries, we reimburse them via online banking, and the resident reimburses us. This really helps to limit the threat of passing the virus to the vulnerable people we’re helping. It took a matter of days and one phone call for us to be up and running.” Jodie, Kensington Mutual Aid Area 3

“The number one reason we joined was because our clients couldn’t reimburse volunteers for shopping in any way. We’re not incorporated, so we don’t have a bank account. Now that volunteers can claim expenses and it’s all transparent, it is absolutely brilliant.” Ruth, Send Community Aid 

“I cannot praise the Accountable service enough. In a few quick, easy steps, we got the ability to fundraise and pay expenses – it has made all the difference in this crisis. No one has had any problems using the platform. I don’t know how we would have kept on going without it.” Felix, Oxford Mutual Aid