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If your group has no formal bank account but needs to handle money, there are some considerations:

  • Use a personal bank account? This puts all the risk and responsibility on one individual
  • Accept cash or cheques? Could be unsafe to handle and not transparent
  • Paypal? This still relies on one individual’s personal bank account
  • Crowdfunding platforms? Great for fundraising one big sum, but not set up for receiving and making lots of small payments over months
  • Open a group bank account? Yes, if you are prepared to register as a business or charity
“Using the platform streamlined all the information and meant that we didn’t have to set up our own bank account. It’s also great having all the transactions public.” Seth, Goose Green Solidarity Fund 

With Accountable your group can:

  • Receive incoming funds and pay sums out, all in one place
  • All clearly see the group account, what comes in and out
  • Share responsibility for signing off outgoings
  • Be supported by a friendly team with experience of helping grassroots groups grow
  • Have an affordable service! Accountable is free for many groups, and always affordable

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Get started by clicking ‘apply’ on our platform page.

Once registered, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule a 30 min call with us.  This is to answer all your questions and help you get your group live.

“I cannot praise the Accountable service enough. In a few quick, easy steps, we got the ability to fundraise and pay expenses – it has made all the difference in this crisis. No one has had any problems using the platform. I don’t know how we would have kept on going without it.” Felix, Oxford Mutual Aid

Read more info and resources here. Or email us on to talk it through. 

“The number one reason we joined was because our clients couldn’t reimburse volunteers for shopping in any way. We’re not incorporated, so we don’t have a bank account. Now that volunteers can claim expenses and it’s all transparent, it is absolutely brilliant.” Ruth, Send Community Aid 

“It has enabled us to minimise the handling of cash. Our volunteers pay for groceries, we reimburse them via online banking, and the resident reimburses us. This really helps to limit the threat of passing the virus to the vulnerable people we’re helping. It took a matter of days and one phone call for us to be up and running.” Jodie, Kensington Mutual Aid Area 3